Operation Condor & South American military dictatorships

“In 1975, six South American military dictatorships conspired to concoct a secret plan to eliminate their left-wing opponents. Not only would the intelligence services of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay trade information with each other and kidnap, disappear and kill their own domestic foes, they would also cooperate in identifying and killing exiles from partner countries who had taken refuge elsewhere. By the time Operation Condor ended in the early 1980s, as many as 60,000 people may have been killed…” (lens.blogs.nytimes.com / Larry Rohter 2014/01)

Original forests have already disappeared

Located mainly in Russia, Canada and the Amazon (70%), there are only scraps left in Africa and Southeast Asia. Most of the biodiversity of land areas is concentrated there. 80% of these original forests have already disappeared (at the rate of 6 million hectares per year), mainly due to logging, far ahead of agriculture and livestock. (…).

Situées majoritairement en Russie, au Canada et en Amazonie (70 %), il n’en reste que des lambeaux en Afrique et en Asie du Sud-Est. L’essentiel de la biodiversité des terres émergées s’y concentre. 80% de ces forêts originelles ont déjà disparu (au rythme de 6 millions d’hectares par an), principalement à cause de l’exploitation forestière, loin devant l’agriculture et l’élevage. (…).

- greenpeace.org
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