Tomioka Silk Mill

Tomioka Silk Mill

Such a challenge after the Meiji Restoration
How to establish a model filature facility
With the most sophisticated machinery
To improve the quality of raw silk

With 150 silk reeling machines
400 female workers
Under the management of the French Paul Brunat
Tomioka Silk Mill 富岡製糸場, Tomioka Seishijō
Established in 1872
Japan's oldest modern silk reeling factory
Located in Gunma Prefecture

UNESCO World Heritage Site 2014

Nakahama Manjirô’s accomplishments

“In the following years Manjiro was to share his knowledge of western technology in several ways:
• He translated Bowditch’s “The New American Practical Navigator” into Japanese
• He became Professor of Navigation at the Naval Training School
• He wrote,”Eibei Taiwa Shokei” (A shortcut to Anglo-American Conversation). This was the first English text published in Japan
• He initiated the first whaling industry in Japan based on his experiences
• He was the official translator for the delegation which crossed the Pacific to San Francisco on the Kanrin-maru (the first Japanese ship to do so)
• With the new Meiji government he was appointed professor to Kaisei Univ. later to become know as Tokyo Imperial University (Todai Univ.)” (


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All activities leading to the manufacture of products in large quantities by uniting in one or several places developed techniques, variously qualified employees, and the transformation of energy and raw materials - Can be analyzed with regard to its consequences on the well-being be it human or environmental…


Ensemble des activités conduisant à la fabrication de produits en grand nombre en faisant converger en un même lieu des techniques plus ou moins développées, un personnel diversement qualifié, et la transformation d’énergie et de matières premières – Peut être analysé au regard du bien-être économique (emploi), humain ou encore environnemental…

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Egypt film industry hit by pandemic

Egypt film industry hit by pandemic

The Egyptian film industry is based in Cairo known as the Hollywood of the Middle East and North Africa region covering about ¾ of all the productions, mainly in (Egyptian) Arabic language. The 1940s to the 1960s are considered the golden age. Two important festivals are held in in Cairo and Alexandria. "Industry professionals say the novel coronavirus pandemic has been like no other crisis. Filmmakers have been forced to reduce staff and regularly sanitise locations that are typically teeming with huge crews and frenetic activity. A film set may usually see more than a 100 people at a time, including stylists and make-up artists who are in close contact with actors. Several Egyptian celebrities, including prominent actors, reported testing positive for the virus following the end of filming Ramadan series." (AFP)

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