On the Kyrgyz CrossCultural’Roads…

On the Kyrgyz CrossCultural’Roads…

We will leave 21 May 2021 on the Kyrgyz CrossCultural’Roads

Would you like to share a tea with some fried boortsogs
Assorted with honey or some homemade jam...

Here we feel comfortable
While a manaschi sits down
Topped with his four-sided ak-kalpak...

With a powerful voice, taking his breath away,
He starts telling us
One of the longest human epics
That of the great hero Manas
Whose majestic statue is enthroned in Bishkek...

“In my last night's dream,
I settled down on the upper Ala-Too
And caught a young baarchin eagle.
When I took him hunting,
The sound of his flapping wings was heard,
Unable to withstand his wrath,
All the animals fell over in fright.”

It is said that among its possible explanations
The word 'Kyrgyz' would mean 'we are forty',
In reference to the forty clans of Manas?
This indication also appears on the flag of Kyrgyzstan.
With a sun with 40 rays...

Elements to share about the people, knowledge, gastronomy, traditions, customs in Kyrgyzstan?
Welcome on the Kyrgyz CrossCultural’Roads...
Peace" is Тынчтык (tınçtık) in Kyrgyz...

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