Kanji: 丘. Radical: 一. Number of strokes: 5. Meaning: “ hill”. Pronunciation: キュウ、おかkyū, oka.



In Burundi, the bashingantahe are customary chiefs invested at the level of each hill, responsible for conflict management. (Kirundi lg)

Au Burundi, les bashingantahe sont des chefs coutumiers investis au niveau de chaque colline, chargés de la gestion des conflits.

What are ethics? How to define it? How is it defined what is ethical and what is not? How were principles and values defined? What is the ethical assessment of today's world? How is the relationship between numerics and ethics oriented?... (to be completed)

Qu’est-ce que l’éthique ? Comment la définir ? Comment a–t–on défini ce qui est éthique ? et ce qui ne l’est pas ? Comment se sont définis les principes et les valeurs ? Quel constat éthique faire sur le monde actuel ? Comment s’oriente le rapport entre numérique et éthique ?... (à compléter)

Security Prison 21

Security Prison 21 (or S-21) – A former secondary school in Phnom Penh which was used as a prison by the Khmer Rouge regime, among 150 to 200 torture and execution centers. It was placed under the criminal authority of Kang Kek Iew កាំង ហ្គេកអ៊ាវ alias Comrade Duch (1942-2020). It became the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. Etym. Tuol Sleng ទួលស្លែង means "Hill of the Poisonous Trees".

Kanji: 岡. Radical: 山. Number of strokes: 8. Meaning: “ hill”. Pronunciation: (おか) (oka) - (new list: 2010).

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