Kanji: 儒. Radical: 人. Number of strokes: 16. Meaning: “ Confucian”. Pronunciation: ジュju.

Ashikaga gakkou

Ashikaga gakkou

Founded by a remnant of the Kokugaku 國學 school in the Nara period?
Or by Lord Ono-no Takamura 小野篁 in the Heian period?
Or by Lord Ashikaga Yoshikane 足利義兼 in the Kamakura period?

Among many hypotheses,
The Ashikaga school 足利学校, Ashikaga gakkō
is known to be the oldest university in Japan,
And presently a national historic site

Such a famous place for learning
Confucianism 儒教, I Ching 易経
As well as Chinese medicine
Through the most important classical Chinese books

Mentioned in 1549 as the most famous university of eastern Japan by Saint Francis Xavier フランシスコ・ザビエル (1506 – 1552)

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