Kanji: 劇. Radical: 刀. Number of strokes: 15. Meaning: “ drama”. Pronunciation: ゲキgeki.


Bollywood बॉलीवुड is a portmanteau (Bombay + Hollywood) for designating the major industry in Indian cinema, located in Mumbai. It is one of the largest centres of film production in the world. It is welknown for its action, comedy, romance, drama along with musical performance.


Art of writing and staging of dramatic literary works in front of a given audience, meeting varied criteria and rules according to periods and societies - Relying on individuals (playwrights, directors, actors) and places often marked by the tradition of their representation.


Art d’écriture et mise en scène d’œuvres littéraires dramatiques devant un public donné, répondant à des critères et règles variés selon les sociétés – S’appuie sur des individus (compositeurs, metteurs en scène, acteurs) et des lieux souvent marqués par la tradition de leur représentation.

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