Kanji: 動. Radical: 力. Number of strokes: 11. Meaning: “ move”. Pronunciation: ドウ、うご-く、うご-かすdō, ugo-ku, ugo-kasu.

Jakarta’s removal

“As congested and low-lying Jakarta sinks rapidly, Indonesia's government has revealed that the new capital city will be built on the island of Borneo. President Joko Widodo announced that the administrative functions of Jakarta would move to the area of East Kalimantan, reported Bloomberg. The new capital will be located between North Penajam Paser and Kutai Kartanegara on the Indonesian part of Borneo, 870 miles away from the current capital. The cost of building the new capital city is estimated to be 466 trillion rupiah (£26.6 billion) and construction will take 10 years. Indonesia's leader claimed that moving the capital to another island will help ease income disparity across the archipelago, although environmentalists fear that the new city could endanger Borneo's tropical rainforests. Widodo has previously said that the new capital will be a smart city, and kept relatively compact to minimize the environmental impact of deforestation.” (source: dezeen.com – 2019 Aug.)

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