Kanji: 官. Radical: 宀. Number of strokes: 8. Meaning: “ government official”. Pronunciation: カンkan.


Landsgemeinde - The most spectacular form of direct democracy in Switzerland. Citizens who have the right to vote are summoned on a specific date and gather outdoors in the village square to elect members of government and judges and to vote laws and spending. Appeared in 1231, it now only exists in two cantons and take place once per year: Appenzell Innerrhoden (the last sunday in April) and Glarus (first sunday in May). The Landsgemeinden have preserved a different traditionalism and ceremonial depending on the place / Thus the Appenzellois carry a sword attesting to their right to vote. In Glarus, during deliberations, the landamman leans on the sword, symbol of its function.

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Ensemble de personnes placées (dans un système démocratique ou non) aux commandes d’un État, en vertu de leurs qualités ou/et de leur proximité avec celle, celui ou ceux en décidant, et qui, y disposant ainsi d’un pouvoir conséquent, ont à cœur de le placer au service de l’intérêt général (ou/et quelquefois de leurs intérêts particuliers).

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Kanji: 省. Radical: 目. Number of strokes: 9. Meaning: “ government ministry”. Pronunciation: セイ、ショウ、かえり-みる、はぶ-くsei, shō, kaeri-miru, habu-ku.

Kanji: 署. Radical: 网. Number of strokes: 13. Meaning: “ government office”. Pronunciation: ショsho. Other form: 署 .


Khoisan communities in the Northern Cape are still hopeful their languages will become official. (Khoisan lgs)

Les communautés khoisan du Cap Nord espèrent toujours que leurs langues deviendront officielles.

What is there to hope for? How to define it? Is hope closing our eyes to the reality of things and the world, or is it seeing a different outcome? How does trust build a decisive part of the future? How does mistrust come about? With what consequences? How does the digital world intervene in these areas?. (to be completed)

Qu’est-ce qu’espérer ? Comment le définir ? Espérer est-il fermer les yeux sur la réalité des choses et du monde, ou bien est-ce en voir une issue différente ? En quoi la confiance construit-elle une part décisive de l’avenir ? Comment se met en place la méfiance ? Avec quelles conséquences ? Comment le numérique intervient-il en ces domaines ?... (à compléter)

Chemtrail conspiracy theory

“.. “Chemtrail” conspiracy theorists vary in their claims. But some of the most popular include the belief that governments control the weather on a massive scale, that scientists carrying out legitimate research about how to counteract climate change through a process called geo-engineering are secretly poisoning us, or even that secret powerful groups are spraying us with chemicals to make us pliant and easy to control.” (bbc.com / 2018/01)

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