Kanji: 批. Radical: 手. Number of strokes: 7. Meaning: “ criticism”. Pronunciation: ヒhi.

Bloomsbury Group

Bloomsbury Group —or Bloomsbury Set - A group of English writers, intellectuals, philosophers and artists in the first half of the 20th century whose influence is acknowledged in literature, aesthetics, criticism, as well as in economics highlighting questions around feminism, pacifism or sexuality. Among the ten core members were: Clive Bell (art critic), Vanessa Bell (post-impressionist painter), E. M. Forster (fiction writer), Roger Fry (art critic and post-impressionist painter), Duncan Grant (post-impressionist painter), John Maynard Keynes (economist), Desmond MacCarthy (literary journalist), Lytton Strachey (biographer), Leonard Woolf (essayist and non-fiction writer) and Virginia Woolf (fiction writer and essayist)

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