Kanji: 方. Radical: 方. Number of strokes: 4. Meaning: “ direction”. Pronunciation: ホウ、かたhō, kata.


Toute orientation dans l’espace, destinée à se repérer, et/ou se déplacer, énoncée de façon différente selon les cultures qui lui affectent des valeurs données, et dont la possible méconnaissance peut être selon les situations accessoire ou vitale.

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Iya Kazurabashi

Iya Kazurabashi

Iya Kazurabashi 祖谷かずら橋
A suspension bridges made of mountain vines (precisely kazurabashi)
45 meters across the Iya River
Rebuilt every three years
To be crossed in one direction only

Supposedly a place for the defeated Heike clan 平家
Every year a festival
To celebrate how they came to the valley
To hide from the victors in the Genpei War 源平合戦 (1180–1185)

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