Kanji: 沃. Radical: 水. Number of strokes: 7. Meaning: “ fertility”. Pronunciation: ヨクyoku - (new list: 2010).

Pomegranate in Armenia – fertility and good fortune

“For Armenians the pomegranate is one of the most recognizable symbols of the country. In Armenian mythology it symbolizes fertility and good fortune. It was a guardian against the evil eye. At weddings in Western Armenia, a bride would throw a pomegranate and break it into pieces. Its scattered seeds ensured that the bride would bear children. In Van, Armenian women who wanted to have a son would eat bread made from dough mixed with pomegranate seeds. Its importance is attested in historical Armenian manuscripts and stone carvings where it was used as a popular ornament. One of the most iconic Armenian art movies is that of Sergey Paradjanov named “The Color of Pomegranates”.” (peopleofar.com / 2012)

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