Kanji: 瞭. Radical: 目. Number of strokes: 17. Meaning: “ clear”. Pronunciation: リョウryō - (new list: 2010).

Kanji: 拓. Radical: 手. Number of strokes: 8. Meaning: “ clear (the land)”. Pronunciation: タクtaku.

Kawabata Yasunari

Kawabata Yasunari

Yasunari Kawabata 川端 康成(1899 –1972)
Born in Osaka
Nobel Prize for Literature in 1968

For his Nobel lecture, he started by quoting Dogen (1200-1253)
“In the spring, cherry blossoms, in the summer the cuckoo.
In autumn the moon, and in winter the snow, clear, cold.”
“Japan, The Beautiful and Myself” 美しい日本の私―その序説

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