Kanji: 紙. Radical: 糸. Number of strokes: 10. Meaning: “ paper”. Pronunciation: シ、かみshi, kami.

Kanji: 箋. Radical: 竹. Number of strokes: 14. Meaning: “ paper”. Pronunciation: センsen - (new list: 2010).



Koinobori 鯉のぼり - A traditional event, taking place on May 5th, today Children's Day (Kodomo no Hi, 子供の日).

Koinobori 鯉のぼり - Un événement traditionnel qui se déroule le 5 mai, jour de la fête des enfants (Kodomo no Hi, 子 供 の 日).


Matière faite avec des végétaux (ou des chiffons) transformée en pâte, servant particulièrement à écrire.

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Pergamon (τὸ Πέργαμον) - Thriving center of parchment production. Unesco Heritage Site 2014... "This site rises high above the Bakirçay Plain in Turkey’s Aegean region. The acropolis of Pergamon was the capital of the Hellenistic Attalid dynasty, a major centre of learning in the ancient world. Monumental temples, theatres, stoa or porticoes, gymnasium, altar and library were set into the sloping terrain surrounded by an extensive city wall. The rock-cut Kybele Sanctuary lies to the north-west on another hill visually linked to the acropolis. Later the city became capital of the Roman province of Asia known for its Asclepieion healing centre. The acropolis crowns a landscape containing burial mounds and remains of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires in and around the modern town of Bergama on the lower slopes."


Pergame (τὸ Πέργαμον) - Centre de production de parchemin. Site du Patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO 2014... "Ce site domine la plaine de Bakirçay dans la région égéenne de la Turquie. L’acropole de Pergame était la capitale de la dynastie hellénistique des Attalides, un des principaux centres du savoir dans le monde antique. Des temples monumentaux, des théâtres, un portique (stoa), un gymnase, un autel et une bibliothèque furent construits à flanc de colline et protégés par un grand mur d’enceinte. Le sanctuaire de Cybèle taillé dans la roche d’une autre colline au nord-ouest répond à l’acropole sur le plan visuel. Plus tard, la ville devint la capitale de la province romaine d’Asie connue pour son asclêpieion, grand centre de cure. L’acropole domine un paysage de tumuli et de vestiges des empires romain, byzantin et ottoman répartis au bas des collines, dans la ville moderne de Bergama et alentour."

In a way that is pleasing to my own eye…

As Kenojuak explained in 1980 to Jean Blodgett, author of several books and essays on the artist: “I just take these things out of my thoughts and out of my imagination, and I don’t really give any weight to the idea of its being an image of something…I am just concentrating on placing it down on paper in a way that is pleasing to my own eye, whether it has anything to do with subjective reality or not. And that is how I have always tried to make my images, and that is still how I do it, and I haven’t really thought about it any other way than that. That is just my style, and is the way I started and the way I am today. (canadaswalkoffame.com)

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