Kanji: 轄. Radical: 車. Number of strokes: 17. Meaning: “ control”. Pronunciation: カツkatsu.

Tale of the Heike

Tale of the Heike

Heike Monogatari 平家物語
An epic about the struggle between the Taira clan
And Minamoto clan
For control of Japan
In the Genpei War (1180–1185)

The sound of the Gion Shōja bells
Echoes the impermanence of all things


Chemtrail conspiracy theory

“.. “Chemtrail” conspiracy theorists vary in their claims. But some of the most popular include the belief that governments control the weather on a massive scale, that scientists carrying out legitimate research about how to counteract climate change through a process called geo-engineering are secretly poisoning us, or even that secret powerful groups are spraying us with chemicals to make us pliant and easy to control.” (bbc.com / 2018/01)

Kanji: 制. Radical: 刀. Number of strokes: 8. Meaning: “ control”. Pronunciation: セイsei.

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