Kanji: 青. Radical: 靑. Number of strokes: 8. Meaning: “ blue”. Pronunciation: セイ、(ショウ)、あお、あお-いsei, (shō), ao, ao-i.

Sultan Ahmed Mosque

Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Camii) or Blue Mosque – A mosque located in Istanbul next to the Hagia Sophia. It was erected between 1609 and 1616 during the rule of Ahmed I – Its surname comes from its hand-painted blue tiles – It is known for its five main and eight secondary domes, six minarets.



The flag of Kiribati (buraki ni Kiribati) is red and golden in the upper half and blue and white in the lower half. (Gilbertese lg)

Le drapeau de Kiribati (buraki ni Kiribati) est rouge et doré dans la moitié supérieure et bleu et blanc dans la moitié inférieure.

What is a colour? How to define it? Highly rich in symbols of all kinds, how have cultures developed a specific relationship to colours? What importance has been given to certain colours? How is it used in the most diverse fields, from politics to architecture, from food to emotions? What place do they have in the digital age?... (to be completed)

Qu’est-ce qu’une couleur ? Comment la définir ? Hautement riches en symboles de toutes sortes, comment les cultures ont-elles développé une relation spécifique aux couleurs ? Quelle importance a–t–on accordée à certaines couleurs ? Comment est-elle exploitée dans les domaines les plus divers, de la politique à l’architecture, de l’alimentation aux émotions ? Quelle place leur accorde l’ère numérique ?... (à compléter)

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