Kanji: 鯨. Radical: 魚. Number of strokes: 19. Meaning: “ whale”. Pronunciation: ゲイ、くじらgei, kujira.

Nakahama Manjirô’s accomplishments

“In the following years Manjiro was to share his knowledge of western technology in several ways:
• He translated Bowditch’s “The New American Practical Navigator” into Japanese
• He became Professor of Navigation at the Naval Training School
• He wrote,”Eibei Taiwa Shokei” (A shortcut to Anglo-American Conversation). This was the first English text published in Japan
• He initiated the first whaling industry in Japan based on his experiences
• He was the official translator for the delegation which crossed the Pacific to San Francisco on the Kanrin-maru (the first Japanese ship to do so)
• With the new Meiji government he was appointed professor to Kaisei Univ. later to become know as Tokyo Imperial University (Todai Univ.)” (http://www.whitfield-manjiro.org/the-manjiro-story.html)

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