Kanji: 鶏. Radical: 鳥. Number of strokes: 19. Meaning: “ chicken”. Pronunciation: ケイ、にわとりkei, niwatori. Other form: 鷄.


Mafe - "In the 1960s, Senegal exported almost a quarter of the world’s peanuts. Today that figure is around one percent, but the humble peanut still dominates Senegalese agriculture and is sold in bags and recycled bottles on nearly every street corner. No surprise, then, that it’s the principal ingredient in one of Senegal’s best-loved dishes: mafé. Usually made with beef, but occasionally with lamb, chicken or vegetables, mafé is a spicy stew with a tomato and ground-peanut base. Served with rice, variants of mafé are common across West Africa, but the Senegalese version tends to be thicker, oilier and richer in flavour." (theculturetrip.com)

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