Angakkuq ᐊᖓᑦᑯᖅ - A sort of shaman among the Inuit – Has a knowledge of the rituals and taboos, as well as the myths and tales, and is a spiritual healer.

Angakkuq ᐊᖓᑦᑯᖅ - Une chaman chez les Inuits - Possède une connaissance des rituels et des tabous, ainsi que des mythes et des contes, et est un guérisseur spirituel.

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  • Things to be avoided, followed or done among Inuit people

    “(Mariano) Aupilaarjuk introduces the notions of tirigusuusiit, things that have to be avoided, maligait, things that have to be followed, and piqujait, things that have to be done, by comparing them to modern law.” ( He says: “…Whether people break the qallunaat laws or the Inuit maligait, the consequences are the same. A person will shorten his or her life.” (id.) Then, “the intervention of the angakkuq might be required to redress the consequences of these acts”.
    tirigusuusiit :: thing pluralS for no do
    maligait :: thing pluralS for follow
    piqujait :: thing pluralS for do

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