Durian – Sometimes named the "king of fruits", native to Borneo and Sumatra (with hundreds varieties in Indonesia), with a shape from oblong to round, from husk green to brown, and a flesh from pale yellow to red - It has a special fragrance, which could be considered pleasant or not, its overpowering aroma leading sometimes to the fruit's banishment from certain places.

Durian - Parfois appelé le "roi des fruits", originaire de Bornéo et de Sumatra (avec des centaines de variétés en Indonésie), de forme oblongue à ronde, vert à brun, et de chair allant du jaune pâle au rouge - Son odeur peut être considérée comme agréable ou non, son arôme puissant conduisant parfois au bannissement du fruit de certains endroits.

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  • Jakarta - Nickname

    Jakarta is nicknamed the Big Durian as this fruit is native to the region.

  • Durian - Prices

    “Two durian fruits have sold for nearly US$1,000 each in Indonesia, an eye-watering price that lit up social media and prompted awestruck fans to take selfies with the pungent pair. Fetching Rp 14 million ($990) each, the spiky fruits were displayed in a clear case on red satin and surrounded by fake flowers at a supermarket in Tasikmalaya, a city in West Java province. The price tag was about eight times the local monthly minimum wage.” (source: thejakartapost.com - AFP/Rahmad Suryadi – 2019)

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