Ella Maillart

Ella Maillart

Ella Maillart (1903 - 1997) - A Swiss adventurer, travel writer and photographer- She was also a sportswoman involved in different fields: land hockey, ski, sailing.

Ella Maillart (1903 - 1997) - Une aventurière, auteure et photographe suisse - Elle fut également une sportive impliquée dans différentes disciplines : hockey sur gazon, ski, voile.

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  • Photography for Ella Maillart

    “Photography became for Ella Maillart a natural extension of her eyes, and she made ample use of it. The camera was her logbook, a day-to-day record reflecting the vision of a modern, independent and non-conformist woman. Ella Maillart photographed mainly for the purpose of illustrating her travel books as well as her talks and articles. Most of her images remained unknown at the time they were taken. Today, we are stunned to see a by-gone era resuscitated, a disappeared or forgotten world spring back from the past. In 1989, Ella Maillart deposited her negatives at the Elysée Photo Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland, who have organised several large exhibitions of her work.” (ellamaillart.ch)

  • Ella Maillart during the Second World War in India

    “Ella Maillart spends the years of the Second World War in India, living with difficulty from her royalties. She settles in Tiruvannamalai south of Madras, near the ashram of Ramana Maharishi, a teacher and wise man who is “liberated during his lifetime”, as one says in India. She also follows the teachings of Atmananda (Krishna Menon) in Kerala. These spiritual masters teach her “the unity of the world”. In her autobiographical book, Cruises and Caravans (1942) Ella writes: “I have started on a new journey which, I know, will take me further than before towards the perfect life I was instinctively seeking. I began this journey by exploring the unmapped territory of my own mind.” .… “This venture is as vast as life itself because it requires the analysis of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being.”…” (ellamaillart.ch)

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