Kuomboka - A traditional ceremony in Zambia taking place at the end of the rain season.

Kuomboka Ceremony - Zambia
“The Lozi people of Barotse Land escape the rising flood waters of the upper Zambezi each year in a spectacular ceremonial procession. Hundreds of dugout canoes (mokoros) accompany the Litunga - Barotse King from the royal establishment, Lealui Palace, in the flood plains to dry land. The Kuomboka is one of the attractions on Open Africa's traveller routes in South Africa. Details of which are available on our website www.openafrica.org. Video produced by Charl Pauw.”

Kuomboka - Une cérémonie traditionnelle en Zambie ayant lieu à la fin de la saison des pluies.

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  • Kuomboka - ETYM.

    ETYM. Kuomboka literally means ‘to get out of water’.

    ETYM. Kuomboka signifie « sortir de l’eau ».

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