Kyrgyzstan Кыргызстан – A landlocked country in Central Asia on the path of the Silk Road – Capital : Bishkek. The word Kyrgyz means “We are forty”, referring to the forty clans of Manas which got united against the Uyghurs. This reference also appears on the flag of Kyrgyzstan with a 40-ray sun.

Kirghizistan Кыргызстан - Un pays enclavé en Asie centrale sur le chemin de la Route de la soie – Capitale : Bichkek. Le mot « kirghize » signifie «nous sommes quarante », en référence aux quarante clans de Manas qui s’unirent contre les Ouïghours. Cette référence apparaît également sur le drapeau du Kirghizistan avec un soleil à 40 rayons.

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  • Kyrgyzstan (country)

    Kyrgyzstan is a country in Asia. Its capital is: Bishkek. Its official languages are: Kyrgyz; Russian . Its currency is: Som.

  • Kyrgyzstan's criteria

    name: Kyrgyzstan / Кыргызстан
    localization: Central Asian country
    capital city: Bishkek (42.52N / 74.36E)
    gentile: Kyrgyz
    currency: som (KGS)
    language (s): Kyrgyz (kir) / Russian
    writing system: Cyrillic
    independence: 1991 (USSR)
    population: Kyrgyz / Uzbek / Russian ...

    nom : Kirghizistan / Кыргызстан
    localisation : Pays d’Asie centrale
    capitale : Bichkek (42.52N/74.36E)
    gentilé : kirghiz/e
    monnaie : som (KGS)
    langue(s) : kirghize (kir) / russe
    écriture : cyrillique
    indépendance : 1991 (URSS)
    population : Kirghizes / Ouzbeks / Russes...

  • Kyrgyz language

    Kyrgyz (кыргызча) [kir] is a Turkic language mainly spoken in Kyrgyzstan but also in Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Russia as well as China where it is one of the 56 ethnic groups. Kyrgyz belongs to the Kypchak languages with Kazakh and Tatar. It has been successively written in the Turkic runes, then with a Perso-Arabic alphabet, before a Latin-script alphabet and Cyrillic alphabet were adopted. Among famous works of literature, we can mention the Epic of Manas - Манас дастаны, performed by the traditional manaschi, or the love songs and poems of Jolon Mamytov - Жолон Мамытов (1940 –1988).

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