Sapporo 札幌 - The largest city on Hokkaido.

Sapporo - La plus grande ville d'Hokkaido.

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  • Regions of Japan

    The traditional regions of Japan are:
    • Hokkaidō (largest city: Sapporo)
    • Tōhoku region (northern Honshū, largest city: Sendai)
    • Kantō region (eastern Honshū, largest city: Tokyo)
    • Nanpō Islands: part of Tokyo Metropolis (largest town: Ōshima)
    • Chūbu region (central Honshū, largest city: Nagoya / including Hokuriku region, largest city: Kanazawa, Kōshin'etsu region, largest city: Niigata and Tōkai region, largest city: Nagoya)
    • Kansai (or Kinki) region (west-central Honshū, largest city: Osaka)
    • Chūgoku region (western Honshū, largest city: Hiroshima)
    • Shikoku (largest city: Matsuyama)
    • Kyūshū (largest city: Fukuoka / including Northern Kyūshū, largest city: Fukuoka, Southern Kyūshū: largest city: Kagoshima and Okinawa, largest city: Naha)

  • Hokkaido Prefecture

    Hokkaido Prefecture 北海道, capital: Sapporo, region of Hokkaido, main island: Hokkaido.

    Préfecture d’Hokkaido 北海道, capitale : Sapporo, région de Hokkaido, île principale : Hokkaido.

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