Zolgokh (Mongolian: Золгох) or Zolgolt – Traditional Mongolian greeting consisting of holding both their arms out, the younger placing them under the elder’s ones while touching each other's cheeks, usually accompanied with the phrase Amar mend üü (Mongolian:Амармэндүү), meaning "Are you well and peaceful?".

Zolgokh (mongol: Zolgolt) - Salut traditionnel mongol consistant à se tenir les bras , le plus jeune les plaçant sous ceux des aînés tout en se touchant les joues, généralement accompagné de la phrase ‘Amar mend uu ?’ ou ‘Amar baina uu? » signifiant « Êtes-vous en paix ? »

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  • Tsagaan Sar - Dos and Don'ts

    What to do or not to do, during Tsagaan Sar?
    “When you greet someone, make sure to ask the age of the people. [and greet the most senior people first].
    If you offered snuff-bottle, receive it with your right hand and give back the snuff-bottle with the loosened cap as you received.
    Husband and wife are prohibited to perform “Zolgolt” [to avoid risks of divorce].”(discovermongolia.mn)

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