Aisha Musa Ahmad

Aisha Musa Ahmad

Aisha Musa Ahmad (1905-1974) or Aisha al-Falatiya
A Sudanese singer,
The first woman to sing on Sudanese radio in 1942

After over 150 songs all along her career,
She got a great popularity in Sudan
As well as in Egypt

Aisha Musa Ahmad (1905-1974) ou Aisha al-Falatiya
Une chanteuse soudanaise,
La première femme à chanter à la radio soudanaise en 1942

Après plus de 150 chansons tout au long de sa carrière
Elle a acquis une grande popularité au Soudan et en Égypte

Jakarta – Names & Etym.

Jakarta was founded in the fourth century during the era of the Sunda Kingdom, known as Sunda Kelapa. It became Jakarta after the defeat of Portuguese in 1527. Its name comes from the Sanskrit jaya जय which means "victorious" and krta कृत "accomplished". It was renamed Batavia in 1619 with the Dutch East Indies. It recovered its name Jakarta with the Japanese invasion in 1942.

Gypsy Question

"By a supplementary decree to the Nuremberg Laws - 1935, Gypsies were declared "enemies of the race-based state".
“In 1936, Director Robert Ritter of the Center for Research on Racial Hygiene and Demographic Biology began to deal with the Nazis' "Gypsy Question." After interviewing and examining Roma subjects, Ritter concluded that the group had "degenerate" blood that made them a danger to German racial purity. (...) The genocide of the Roma began in earnest in December 1942 when SS commander Heinrich Himmler signed an order calling for all the Roma to be forced into concentration camps. Within a few years, the Nazis intended to exterminate every last one of the estimated 1 million Roma living in Europe." (source:

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