Riga (56.56N/24.6E) - The capital and largest city of Latvia at the mouth of the Daugava river - UNESCO World Heritage Site 1997.



Latvia is a country in Europe. Its capital is: Riga. Its official language is: Latvian . Its currency is: Lats.

Code: LV | LVA
FR: Lettonie
DE: Lettland
IT: Lettonia
ES: Letonia
ZH: 拉脱维亚
PI: lātuōwéiyǎ
JA: ラトビア
RO: Ratobia
Capital: Riga
Riga Black Balsam

Riga Black Balsam

Riga Black Balsam (Rīgas Melnais balzams) – A traditional Latvian balsam made in Riga since the middle of the 18th century including common roots and herbs with many different natural ingredients - Sold in ceramic handmade flagons.

Baume noir de Riga (Balzams Rīgas Melnais) - Un baume letton traditionnel fabriqué à Riga depuis le milieu du XVIIIe siècle, comprenant des racines communes et des herbes et de nombreux ingrédients naturels. - Vendu dans des flacons en céramique noire faits à la main.

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