Raoni Metuktire – Cacique of the Kayapo people

Raoni Metuktire – Cacique of the Kayapo people

Chief Raoni or Raoni Metuktire (ca. 1930-) - A chief (cacique) of the Kayapo people, famous for his fight for the preservation of the Amazon rainforest and indigenous cultures. Although he was formerly engaged in this struggle, he gained a considerable attention when Sting and a few others created around him and his projects the Rainforest Foundation (which later extended its help to three zones: Africa / Central and South America / Southeast Asia).

Kayapo people

Kayapo people - A Brazilian Indigenous group from the plain lands of the Mato Grosso and Pará in Brazil, south of the Amazon Basin and along Rio Xingu and its tributaries. Kayapo is an exonym, as the autonym is Mebêngôkre, "the men from the water hole." Older men insert disks in their lower lips. Kayapo language, belongs to the Jê language family. A type of sweet potato is sometimes named "caiapo", after the tribe. As many other tribes, they are under the threat of environmental issues, and their claim was marked by an important demonstration they made during the Altamira Gathering five-day media conference (February 19 to 24, 1989) organized by the Coordination of the Indigenous Organizations of the Brazilian Amazon.

Amazon rainforest

Amazon rainforest

The Amazon rainforest or Amazonia or the Amazon Jungle – A tropical rainforest in the Amazon biome covering 5,500,000 km2 in the basin with an estimated 390 billion individual trees. Nine nations share it: Brazil (60%), Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana.

Forêt amazonienne

La forêt amazonienne ou Amazonie ou Jungle amazonienne - Forêt tropicale humide située dans le biome de l’Amazone couvrant 5 500 000 km2 de son bassin, avec une population estimée à 390 milliards d’arbres. Elle concerne neuf nations : le Brésil (60%), le Pérou, la Colombie, le Venezuela, l'Équateur, la Bolivie, la Guyana, le Suriname et la Guyane française.



Achuar “the people of the aguaje palm” – An Amazonian community belonging to Jivaroan groups, living along either side of the border in between Ecuador and Peru. Dreams are essential for them.

Achuars « le peuple du palmier aguaje » - Une communauté amazonienne appartenant aux groupes Jivaros vivant de part et d'autre de la frontière entre l'Équateur et le Pérou. Les rêves sont essentiels pour les Achuars.

390 billion trees

The Amazon rainforest is estimated to 390 billion individual trees divided into 16,000 species.

La forêt amazonienne est estimée à 390 milliards d'arbres individuels répartis en 16 000 espèces.

Paulinho Paiakan: Amazon indigenous chief dies with coronavirus’

Paulinho Paiakan: Amazon indigenous chief dies with coronavirus’

“One of the best-known indigenous defenders of the Amazon rainforest has died with coronavirus in Brazil, where the disease continues its rapid spread (...) Paulinho Paiakan, chief of the Kayapó people, came to international attention in the 1980s in the fight against Belo Monte, one of the world's largest dams.He was around 65. Paiakan was one of the most important indigenous voices during Brazil's return to democracy in the 1980s, and helped lead the campaign for the creation of large indigenous reserves in the Amazon.He also fought to expel illegal miners and loggers from indigenous areas. But his image was stained in 1992, after a student accused him of rape, a case that had worldwide repercussions. His allies argued the claim was fabricated to tarnish Paiakan's reputation and to silence him. Reacting to his death on Wednesday at a hospital in Pará, the Brazilian Indigenous Peoples' Association (Apib) described Paiakan as a "father, leader and warrior" for indigenous peoples and the environment. Gert-Peter Bruch, founder of environmental group Planet Amazon, told AFP news agency: "He worked all his life to build worldwide alliances around indigenous peoples to save the Amazon. He was far ahead of his time. We've lost an extremely valuable guide.” (bbc.com / 2020-08)



In Amazon rainforest (Venezuela, Brazil), the Yanomami people live under the roof of shabonos. (Yanomami lg)

Dans la forêt amazonienne (Venezuela, Brésil), les Yanomami vivent sous le toit des shabonos.

What is inhabiting ? How to define it? How have forms of housing and their quality played a major role in the well-being of populations? How has housing evolved? How should we think about inhabiting in today's world? What about the quality or shortage of housing? In what way does digital technology play a role in this area?... (to be completed)

Qu’est-ce qu’habiter, et ne pas habiter ? Comment les définir ? En quoi les formes de logement, leur qualité, ont-ils joué un rôle majeur dans le bien-être des populations ? Comment le logement a-t-il évolué ? Comment penser le logement dans le monde actuel ? Qu’en est–il de la qualité ou de la pénurie des logements ? En quoi le numérique tient-il un rôle en ce domaine ?... (à compléter)

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