Diamond Sûtra

Diamond Sûtra

Diamond Sûtra - A Mahâyâna sutra, found among the Dunhuang manuscripts, claiming non-abiding and non-attachment.

Sûtra du diamant

Le Sûtra du diamant - Un texte du bouddhisme Mahâyâna, trouvé parmi les manuscrits de Dunhuang, prônant le non-attachement.

Sogdian wr

Systeme: alphabet

Direction: right to left - then in columns from left to right

Creation: approx. 100 (from Syriac) / 312 - 313 (Dunhuang)

Complements: Three styles exist: ancient Sogdian (non-cursive), Buddhist sutra writing, Uyghur cursive writing / Used in particular for Buddhist, Manichean or Christian transcriptions.

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