Statue of Unity

"The 'Statue of Unity', a tribute to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, is touted to be the tallest statue in the world. The iconic statue is taller than the 153m Spring Temple Buddha in China and almost twice the height of the world-famous Statue of Liberty in New York. The Statue of Unity, being built at a cost of Rs 2,389 crore, is the quickest to be completed in just 33 months, unlike China's Spring Temple Buddha which took 11 years to complete." (s.: / Jan 21, 2019)

"100.000 tonnes de matériaux et 3.000 ouvriers mobilisés pendant quatre ans pour un résultat culminant à 182 mètres. L'Inde a inauguré mercredi la plus grande statue du monde, un monument à la connotation très politique bâti dans l'Etat d'origine du Premier ministre nationaliste hindou, Narendra Modi." "L'édifice de bronze, de béton et d'acier mesure au total 182 mètres de haut et représente Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, l'une des figures de l'indépendance du pays et érigé en modèle par le parti au pouvoir." "L'édifice de 182 mètres représentant Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, une des figures de l'indépendance indienne, suscite la colère des populations locales et de l'opposition politique." (s.: 01/11/18)

Ella Maillart during the Second World War in India

“Ella Maillart spends the years of the Second World War in India, living with difficulty from her royalties. She settles in Tiruvannamalai south of Madras, near the ashram of Ramana Maharishi, a teacher and wise man who is “liberated during his lifetime”, as one says in India. She also follows the teachings of Atmananda (Krishna Menon) in Kerala. These spiritual masters teach her “the unity of the world”. In her autobiographical book, Cruises and Caravans (1942) Ella writes: “I have started on a new journey which, I know, will take me further than before towards the perfect life I was instinctively seeking. I began this journey by exploring the unmapped territory of my own mind.” .… “This venture is as vast as life itself because it requires the analysis of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being.”…” (



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