Idée (soutenue par certains, rejetée par d’autres) de convoquer les puissances surnaturelles afin d’agir sur le réel.

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Epagomenal days & the Fear

"It is believed that the Egyptians greatly feared these days due to the prevalence of plague and disease, attributed to the wanderers (SmAjw) and slaughterers (xAtjw) of the goddess, Sekhmet, which were particularly rife at the end of the calendar year. Magical texts, such as the Book of the Last Day of the Year on Papyrus Leiden I 346, were recited in order to pacify the goddess, and rituals were performed, for example, the application of linen bandages inscribed with certain deities to the throat to ward off the effects of plague." (source:

It’s magic.

: It’s magic.

: Es magico.

: È magico.

: 魔法です。


: Es ist Magie.

: 真神奇。

Zhēn shénqí.

: C’est magique.

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