Melody roads

Melody roads

“Quiet lakeside”
“Summer memories”
“Four seasons song”...
The melody roads メロディーロード in Gunma…

At the origin, a kind of happy accident
The markings left by a bulldozer into a road
Creating unexpected tune when you drive on it

Then many creations here and there
Hokkaido, Shizuoka, Ehime, Oita…
And Gunma where many roads have been set up


Dastgāh (Persian:دستگاه‎) - A musical modal system in traditional Persian art music generally refering to a set of seven or twelve principal ones. A performer uses it as the basis of an improvised piece. Each dastgāh is determined by an order of sequences, revolving around hundreds of melodies (named gushehs, up to 365), the full collection of which is referred to as the radif.

World Music Library - Music of Iran - 4. Dastgah-e Mahur “This dazzling recording includes various classical and semiclassical forms, ensemble and solo, vocal and instrumental, in a wide range of dastgahs, recorded in Tokyo in 1989. The iffy English-language notes don't tell one anything about the 12-person group qua group, though the musicians are named and there's a certain amount of general and recording-specific information.~ John Storm Roberts, Original Music, All Music Guide”

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