Nakasendô 中山道
The central中 mountain山 route 道
Also named the Kisokaidō 木曾街道
One of the five roads during the Edo Period
Connecting Edo to Kyoto

Magome-juku 馬籠宿
forty-third of the sixty-nine stations
Birthplace of the author Shimazaki Tōson島崎 藤村

Melody roads

Melody roads

“Quiet lakeside”
“Summer memories”
“Four seasons song”...
The melody roads メロディーロード in Gunma…

At the origin, a kind of happy accident
The markings left by a bulldozer into a road
Creating unexpected tune when you drive on it

Then many creations here and there
Hokkaido, Shizuoka, Ehime, Oita…
And Gunma where many roads have been set up

岐 gi – Gifu Prefecture

岐 gi – Gifu Prefecture

Gifu Prefecture 岐阜県
Written with the kanji 岐 “branch off”, “fork in road”: 岐 ki, gi
(Which can be 巷 chimata “street” “district”)
That we also meet for instance in…
分岐 bunki “divergence” “ramification” “bifurcation”
Or in 多岐 taki “digression” “many divergences”

On stormy days, Juraté

On stormy days, Juraté

“Do you know the myths of the Baltic Sea? On stormy days,
The goddess of mermaids,
In love with a fisherman and killed by the god Perkunas
Haunts the beaches
As her tears turn to amber,
Rolling up along side the pebbles
From the motion of the waves
From Venice to Italy,
Passing through Malbork to Poland
The Amber Route takes us across Europe
And ends in Russia…”

« Connaissez-vous les mythes de la mer Baltique ?
Les jours de tempête,
La déesse des sirènes,
Amoureuse d’un pêcheur tué par le dieu Perkunas
Hante les plages infinies
Tandis que ses larmes se transforment en ambre,
En s’enroulant aux galets
Dans le mouvement des vagues

De Venise en Italie,
Passant par Malbork en Pologne
La route de l’ambre nous fait traverser l’Europe
Pour aboutir en Russie… »

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The road is very long.

: The road is very long.

: El camino es muy largo.

: La strada è molto lunga.

: Die Straße ist sehr lang.

: とても長い道のりです。

Totemo naigai michinoridesu

: La route est très longue.

: 那条路很长。

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Kanji: 路. Radical: 足. Number of strokes: 13. Meaning: “ road”. Pronunciation: ロ、じro, ji.

Kanji: 道. Radical: 辵. Number of strokes: 12. Meaning: “ road”. Pronunciation: ドウ、(トウ)、みちdō, (tō), michi.

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