Rentarō Taki

Rentarō Taki

Rentarō Taki 滝 廉太郎 (1879 – 1903)
A pianist and composer

He wrote Kōjō no Tsuki 荒城の月
“The Moon over the Ruined Castle”
A song included in the songbook for Junior High School students
inspired by Oka Castle built in 1185 for Minamoto no Yoshitsune

In 1998 the asteroid 8957 was named after the song


The town's ruins of Gondershe in Somalia, consist of coral stone houses, tombs and fortifications. (Somali lg, Arabic lg, Latin wr, Wadaad wr, Osmanya wr, Borama wr, Kaddare wr)

Les ruines de la ville de Gondershe en Somalie, se composent de maisons en pierre de corail, de tombes et de fortifications.

What is a castle? How to define it? From daimyo fortresses to medieval European castles, from Sardinian nuraghes to the walls of Hattousa, what place do fortified places hold in the history of human societies? How were they built? For what purpose? How were they inhabited? How did they evolve? (to be completed)

Qu’est-ce qu’un château ? Comment le définir ? Des forteresses des daimyo aux châteaux médiévaux européens, des nuraghes sardes aux murailles d’Hattousa, quelle place tiennent les lieux fortifiés dans l'histoire des sociétés humaines ? Comment ont-ils été bâtis ? À quelles fins ? Comment ont-ils été habités ? Quel fut leur évolution ?... (à compléter)

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