thousand / mille / 千 (qiān) / mille / tausend / mil / 千 (sen) / ты́сяча (týsyacha)
Miharu Takizakura

Miharu Takizakura

Miharu Takizakura 三 春 滝 桜
Miharu waterfall cherry tree
Designated a national treasure in 1922
One of the five great cherry trees of Japan (日本五大桜)
One of the three giant cherry trees of Japan (日本三巨大桜)

For over than 1,000 years
The people of Fukushima and from all over Japan
Gather around during hanami 花見
Even the earthquake
Did not shake it



千  chi – Chiba Prefecture

千 chi – Chiba Prefecture

Chiba Prefecture 千葉県
Written with the kanji 千 “thousand” sen, chi
That we also meet for instance in…
千年 sennen “millenium”
千草 chigusa “great variety of flowering plants”
千山万水 senzanbansui “many mountains and rivers” "a great distance to travel”

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