center / centre / 中心 (zhōngxīn) / centro / Center / centro / センター,中心 (sentā , chūshin) / центр,середи́на (tsentr,seredína)


Olmecs – One of the oldest civilizations in Mesoamerica (present. Veracruz and Tabasco) – From 1500 BCE to ab. 400 BCE. They are particularly known for their "colossal heads".

Olmèques - L’une des plus anciennes civilisations de la Méso-Amérique (auj. Veracruz et Tabasco) - De 1500 à env. 400 avant notre ère. Ils sont particulièrement connus pour leurs "têtes colossales".



Nakasendô 中山道
The central中 mountain山 route 道
Also named the Kisokaidō 木曾街道
One of the five roads during the Edo Period
Connecting Edo to Kyoto

Magome-juku 馬籠宿
forty-third of the sixty-nine stations
Birthplace of the author Shimazaki Tōson島崎 藤村

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