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10-Osaka kanji 17-bay, 30-language, 38-region, 17-slope

Osaka Prefecture 大阪府
Written with the kanji 阪 “slope”, “hill” saka, han
That we also meet for instance in…
大阪湾 oosakawan “Osaka Bay”
阪神タイガース hanshintaigaasu “Hanshin Tigers (Japanese pro baseball team)"
Or 阪弁 oosakaben “Osaka’s dialect”

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UNIDEO (from bottom to top): bay / dialect (language - region) / slope

05-Gifu open 38-region, 20-capital

Gifu Prefecture 岐阜県
In the Chūbu Region 中部地方
On the island of Honshu 本州
Capital: Gifu 岐阜市

Gifu 岐阜 a name given by Oda Nobunaga in 1567
A name said to derive from an ancient Chinese poem
岐 coming from Qishan (岐山), a legendary mountain, capital of the Zhou Kingdom,
阜coming from from Qufu (曲阜), birthplace of Confucius