Turning Coffin-Making into an Art …

These Ghanaian Craftsmen have Turned Coffin-Making into an Art (1998) - Marion Mayor-Hohdahl – Ref. 0469
"Ghanaian workshops have made an art form out of dying. Coffins can take the shape of animals, luxury vehicles, or palaces - and that's just the beginning....
...For the drinker, a beer bottle; for the nurse a syringe - these coffins are the stuff of art galleries. But for others, fantasy can have as much to do with the choice of final resting place as one's profession. In life Mrs. Bartels was a baker, but it’s not a loaf that’s being lowered into the earth, it’s a Mercedes Benz. This coffin was a gift from a husband who decided that his wife was going to go out in luxury. The funeral matches the exuberance of the coffin. Friends purge their grief with laments, but later the event turns into a celebration of life, with plenty of food and dancing. The local priest is trying to discourage these elaborate practices, arguing that people should be saving for their children’s education rather than wasting money on funerals. Few agree with him, however: going out in style is just too important!"

Ga fantasy coffins – The first family

Meet the First Family of Custom Coffins

"Creative expression is part of what makes us human — why should that end after we've passed on? In Ghana, Anang Kwei and his children help the families of the deceased celebrate the lives of their loved ones with custom-made, handcrafted coffins. And when we say custom-made, we mean *custom.* From colorful fish to cars or tools, whatever a family wants to represent an aspect of the life that was, the Kweis will deliver a fantasy coffin made with care and exquisite craftsmanship."

Economic Community of West African States

Economic Community of West African States (or ECOWAS or CEDEAO) - A political and economic union of countries located in West Africa, created in 1975 by the Treaty of Lagos. Three official languages: French, English, and Portuguese.

Communauté économique des États de l'Afrique de l'Ouest

Communauté économique des États de l'Afrique de l'Ouest (CEDEAO ou ECOWAS) - Une union politique et économique de pays situés en Afrique de l'Ouest, créée en 1975 par le traité de Lagos. Trois langues officielles : français, anglais et portugais.


The fantasy coffins in Ghana are produced by Ga people and often referring to the former activity of the dead. (Ga lg)

Les cercueils fantastiques du Ghana sont produits par des Ga et font souvent référence à l'ancienne activité des morts.

What to do? How to define it? How to classify the immense variety of human and non-human activities? What is the place of fabrications of all kinds? Who are the makers? What means do they use to achieve this? In what way is the digital world changing many ways of doing things more or less radically? (to be completed)

Qu’est-ce que faire ? Comment le définir ? Comment classer l’immense variété des activités humaines et non humaines ? Quelle place y prennent les fabrications de toutes sortes ? Qui sont les faiseur.ses ? Quels moyens mobilisent-ils.elles pour y parvenir ? En quoi le numérique change-t-il plus ou moins radicalement de nombreuses façons de faire ?... (à compléter)



Sika Dwa Kofi is litter. "the Golden Stool born on a Friday”, royal and divine throne of kings of the Ashanti people. (Asante lg, Twi lg)

Sika Dwa Kofi est littér. " le tabouret d'or né un vendredi ", trône royal et divin des rois du peuple Ashanti.

What's the day? How to define it? Morning, evening, how were the different moments of the day considered? What functions, what duties, what prohibitions sometimes, have been assigned to them? How were the days grouped together to form weeks or decades? How did the days often take on a specific function? What changes does digital technology institute in the management of the day?...?................................................................. (to be completed)

Qu’est-ce que le jour ? Comment le définir ? Matinée, soirée, comment a–t–on considéré les différents moments de la journée? Quelles fonctions, quels charges, quels interdits parfois, leur a-t-on attribués ? Comment a-t-on regroupé les jours pour constituer des semaines ou des décades ? Comment les jours y ont–ils souvent pris une fonction précise ? Quels changements le numérique institue–t–il dans la gestion de la journée ?... ?... (à compléter)



Ghana is a country in Africa. Its capital is: Accra. Its official language is: English. Other languages include: Adangme; Dagaare; Dagbani; Ewe; Ga; Gonja; Kasem; Nzema; Akuapem Twi; Asante Twi; Mfantse. Its currency is: Ghanaian Cedi.

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