In Niger, Guerewol is a ritual competition among handsome young men from Wodaabee Fula people judged by women. (Fula lg)

Au Niger, Guerewol est une compétition rituelle entre de beaux jeunes hommes de Wodaabee Fula jugés par des femmes.

What is beauty? What is ‘ugliness’? How to define them? Can something even be ugly? What are the criterias for beauty and who made them up? How was the relationship to beauty expressed? How do societies and individuals set standards for it? What place does beauty occupy in human history? How important is it to the digital world? (to be completed)

Qu’est-ce que la beauté ? Qu’est-ce que la laideur ? Comment les définir ? Est-ce que quelque chose peut même être laid ? Quels sont les critères de beauté et qui les a inventés ? Comment s’est exprimée la relation à la beauté ? Comment les sociétés et les individus en fixent-ils les normes ? Quelle place la beauté occupe-t-elle dans l’histoire de l’humanité ? Quelle importance lui accorde le numérique ? (à compléter)

‘West Africa’s new currency, the Eco: Rebrand or fresh start?’

“Many Africans cheered and applauded when Ivory Coast's President Alassane Ouattara announced on Saturday "that, in agreement with the other West African Economic and Monetary Union Heads of State, we have decided to reform the CFA franc with the following three major changes: First, the name change of the currency from the CFA franc to the Eco.(…) His speech marked the official end of the French-backed currency CFA francs for the eight countries belonging to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). Benin, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Senegal and Togo currently use the CFA franc which has been criticized by many as a French relic from colonial times. Further, France will stop holding “50 percent of the reserves in the French Treasury” and will withdraw "French governance" related to the currency. The Eco's value will be pegged to the euro, just like the CFA has been for more than two decades.” “In 2020, the region is set to get a long-discussed new currency: the Eco. Many Africans are pleased — but there is a lot of work ahead, say experts who insist a rebrand of the old Franc CFA will not do the job.” (dw.com)

Guerewol – A courtship ritual

Guerewol – A courtship ritual

“In-gali, in Niger, is a festival town. At the end of the rainy season, different nomadic peoples (including the Tuaregs) gather there for the “Cure salée”, an important salt market that lasts several weeks. On this occasion, the Woodabe hold the Guerewol, a courtship ritual where men try to woo a jury of young women.
To impress the jury, men will have to show off their best assets and for the Woodabe, that means being tall, having white eyes and teeth and knowing how to bust a move in the traditional song and line-dancing: the yaake. On the day of the performance, men wear elaborate headpieces complete with feathers to make themselves look taller.
Their faces will be painted with red, yellow or white and their lips and eyes contoured in black to emphasize the eyes and teeth Then, the yaake will begin. The yaake is as important as the dress and make-up: it will show how the men can carry themselves, a way to judge of their elegance. During the dance, the contestants will also heavily roll their eyes and show their teeth in the hope that they will be noticed.
The ultimate winner is designated by three women chosen by the elders and the lucky guy has his pick of a love partner but other women also have their pick. The rest of the week-long festival is dedicated to clan meetings, marriage negotiations, and other social events.” (flockeo.com/en/guerewol-niger/)



Guerewol - An annual courtship ritual competition among Wodaabee Fula people / The women judge in a tribal beauty contest.
- Gerewohl Festival Niger 2017 - Mario Gerth

Tradition peul.
Rituel annuel.
Prenant place à la fin de la saison des pluies.

happen whenS end ofS season ofS rain2

Les jeunes hommes Wodaabee
Sans quitter le rang.
Les yeux grands ouverts
Les dents mises en valeur
La blancheur scintillant de tous ses feux.
Les bras s’élancent,
Au gré de sautillements cadencés.

Maquillés avec grâce,
Parés des plus beaux ornements,
Coiffés de plumes,
Ils seront bientôt jugés…
… Par un jury de femmes,
Sujettes à se marier.

Et ils en sont bien conscients et fébriles…

Ainsi va le Guéréwol
Là où vont les Wodaabees.
Tout particulièrement à Ingall au Niger,
Prenant part au festival des nomades à Cure Salée.



Niger is a country in Africa. Its capital is: Niamey. Its official language is: French. Other languages include: Arabic; Hausa; Fulfulde; Gulmancema; Kanuri; Zarma; Tamazight. Its currency is: West African CFA Franc .

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Capital: Niamey

French West Africa

French West Africa (French: Afrique-Occidentale française, AOF) - From 1895 to 1958, a federation of French colonial territories in Africa including: Mauritania, Senegal, French Sudan (pres. Mali), French Guinea (pres. Guinea), Côte d’Ivoire, Upper Volta (pres. Burkina Faso), Dahomey (pres. Benin) and Niger.

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