Kuomboka - A traditional ceremony in Zambia taking place at the end of the rain season.

Kuomboka Ceremony - Zambia
“The Lozi people of Barotse Land escape the rising flood waters of the upper Zambezi each year in a spectacular ceremonial procession. Hundreds of dugout canoes (mokoros) accompany the Litunga - Barotse King from the royal establishment, Lealui Palace, in the flood plains to dry land. The Kuomboka is one of the attractions on Open Africa's traveller routes in South Africa. Details of which are available on our website www.openafrica.org. Video produced by Charl Pauw.”

Mooba Dance

Mooba Dance

Mooba Dance - The main dance of the Lenje ethnic group of Central Province of Zambia, performed since pre-colonial times. Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity 2018… “It is also practised in parts of Copperbelt and Lusaka Provinces, by both men and women. On certain occasions, when the dance reaches its peak, some lead dancers are possessed by ancestral spirits called BaChooba; it is said that, at this point, the spirits take the lead in dictating the flow of the dance, drumming and singing. Both male and female dancers can be possessed with BaChooba spirits. The costume includes coloured beads, a traditional skirt called a Buyombo, and rattles worn around the calves. In addition, the main dancers hold a spiritual stick known as a Chimika and a fly whisk made out of an animal’s tail. Mooba serves both entertainment and healing functions, and contributes to the spiritual identity of the community.”

Mooba - Principale danse du groupe ethnique lenje de la province centrale de Zambie – Patrimoine immatériel de l’UNESCO... « Pratiquée dans certaines parties des provinces de Copperbelt et de Lusaka par les hommes et les femmes. Il arrive parfois que lorsque la danse atteint son paroxysme, certains des principaux danseurs soient possédés par des esprits ancestraux appelés BaChooba. Il est dit qu’à ce stade, les esprits mènent la danse, le rythme des percussions et les chants. Les danseurs et les danseuses peuvent être possédés par les esprits BaChooba. Le costume est composé de perles colorées, d’une jupe traditionnelle appelée Buyombo et de grelots portés autour des mollets. En outre, les principaux danseurs tiennent un bâton spirituel appelé Chimika et un chasse-mouche confectionné à partir d’une queue d’animal. La mooba vise à distraire et à guérir, et elle contribue à l’identité spirituelle de la communauté. »



Among Lozi people (Zambia) Kuomboka is an annual festival which means “going out of water”. (Lozi lg)

Parmi les Lozi (Zambie), Kuomboka est un festival annuel qui signifie «sortir de l'eau».



Zambia is a country in Africa. Its capital is: Lusaka. Its official language is: English . Its currency is: Zambian Kwacha.

Code: ZM | ZMB
FR: Zambie
DE: Sambia
IT: Zambia
ES: Zambia
ZH: 赞比亚
PI: zànbǐyǎ
JA: ザンビア
RO: Zanbia
Capital: Lusaka

Tumbuka lg

A Bantu language spoken in the Northern Region of Malawi and also in the Lundazi district of Zambia.

ISO 639-2 Code: tum

Family: Niger–Congo lgs / Atlantic–Congo lgs / Benue–Congo lgs / Bantu lgs

Chichewa lg

(or Chewa or Nyanja) A Bantu language spoken in much of Southern, Southeast and East Africa.

ISO 639-2 Code: nya

Family: Niger–Congo lgs / Atlantic–Congo lgs / Benue–Congo lgs / Bantu lgs

Lozi lg

(or siLozi and Rozi) A Bantu language of the Niger–Congo language family spoken by the Lozi people, primarily in southwestern Zambia and in surrounding countries.

ISO 639-2 Code: loz

Family: Niger–Congo lgs / Atlantic–Congo lgs / Benue–Congo lgs / Bantu lgs

Lamba lg

A Bantu language ("mu ntu" means "one person" in Lamba and "ba ntu" means "two or more people") found in Zambia and spoken in the Copperbelt, as well as in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and in Lusaka because of migration.

ISO 639-2 Code: lam

Family: Niger–Congo lgs / Atlantic–Congo lgs / Benue–Congo lgs / Bantu lgs

Bemba lg

A Bantu language spoken by the Bemba people as well as related ethnic groups.

ISO 639-2 Code: bem

Family: Niger–Congo lgs / Atlantic–Congo lgs / Benue–Congo lgs / Bantu lgs
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